Gift Cards

Gift Cards


Marano’s Fuel Gift Card – Terms & Conditions

  1. Marano’s Fuel Gift Cards are referred to as Gift cards.
  2. Gift cards entitle the holder to goods equal to the value stated on the card or remaining after partial redemption.
  3. Gift cards only redeemable within any Marano’s Fuel owned and operated Service Station.
  4. Gift cards are only redeemable in-store and not at an after-hours card reader.
  5. Gift cards may not be exchanged wholly or partly for cash.
  6. The value shown on this card includes GST.
  7. Gift cards are partially redeemable and any unused balance will remain on the Card and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  8. If the cardholder’s order exceeds the amount on the Gift card, the cardholder must pay the difference in price between the value of the gift card and the retail price of the goods or services.
  9. Gift cards expire 18 months from the date of issue, unless otherwise stated on the card.
  10. Should Marano’s Fuel suspect any fraud relating to a gift card, Marano’s Fuel may refuse to redeem the card until Marano’s Fuel is satisfied that no fraud has occurred.
  11. Maranos’ Fuel is not liable for any lost/stolen gift cards. Please contact Marano’s Fuel head office immediately if your card has been lost or stolen. Lost or stolen cards can only be replaced if satisfactory proof of purchase is provided and the card has not been redeemed.
  12. Any remaining balance is  forfeited upon expiry of each card.


Marano Enterprises (Miallo) Pty Ltd recognises the importance of the safety, health and welfare of its employees. It is the policy of the company to undertake all reasonable and practicable measures to safeguard its employees from work injuries by the elimination of unsafe work conditions and practices in all of its activities.

The commitment of the company to occupational health and safety will be achieved by the efforts of all stakeholders in the enterprise. Specifically this will be achieved by,

• Every employee working safely and actively assuring the safety of all employees.
• Supervisory staff meeting their responsibilities for the safety of the operation under their control, with their performance being assessed on their ability to reduce accidents and to control potential hazards.
• Management at all levels ensuring that appropriate preventative and corrective action is taken on all health and safety matters.
• Management will initiate and support measures to eliminate or control risks to occupational health, safety and property.
• Accident prevention will be accorded the same importance as any other business activity. Our success in achieving an accident free workplace will be dependent upon every individual in the company accepting personal responsibility.