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Marano’s Fuel is a privately owned and  independent business distributing fuel and oils for over 60 years throughout North Queensland.

Marano’s Fuel have assisted communities and businesses during times of local need with other than normal deliveries, for example during the natural disaster cyclone Yasi. To support the community needs at this time we relocated both a truck and driver to refuel generators around the region on a daily basis. No delivery is too big or too small and we continue to receive positive feedback for our implementation of service. Moving forward this has become our company practice for cyclone procedure management.

The customer base includes a large array of clients, farmers, transport operators, boating, quarries, tourism operators and various other industries that relate to retailing, wholesaling and bulk distribution of petroleum products.

We also own and operate a number of service stations throughout North Queensland providing a 24 hour fuel and retail services for our Customers.

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